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08/16/16 10:00 AM #23    

Debbie Harrington

John, Judy and classmates,

I figured out how to see a list of who is going to the 45th.  Once you sign in, go to Classmate Profiles.  There in the middle you will see a summary of who has signed up for what and if you click the list,  you can see the detail.  You have to scroll down a bit...  but it's there.



08/16/16 12:46 PM #24    

John Holmes

Hey Debbie,

Thanks for tracking down the list.  I thought I had seen it somewhere but I was banging around in the tech areas looking for an answer instead of the more sensible places - forest/trees applies here...


09/19/16 07:22 AM #25    

Holly Diesel (Heeter)

I won't be able to make the reunion this year and am looking forward to all the pictures that I am certain everyone will post.              Holly

09/19/16 09:23 PM #26    

Shelley Goetten (Rosiak-Neal)

I sure wish I could make the reunion this year, the last one was just wonderful.  Unfortunately, I too, will not make it "home" this time.  We are in the middle of a remodel, I think I'd rather be there. Have fun, looking forward to seeing some great photos.  

09/21/16 06:15 PM #27    

Philip Froemming

HI All!  I will try to make the game on Friday night.  Unfortuately I have a wedding for the daughter of my oldest friend on October 1 in the evening... I've known him since I was 7 years old....just a few years ago. I'll try to sneak out early and maybe be able to catch a night cap with you guys at the party.  All my best.

Phil Froemming

09/22/16 10:14 PM #28    

Daniel Tews

Are you buying, Phil??

Dan Tews

09/23/16 11:39 AM #29    

Cathy Laing (Weidner)

I too have a commitment on October 1st, my dad is being inducted into the U School sports hall of fame ( tennis of course). It's a little late because he has Alzheimer's, but he and several of my brothers and mom will be there. So hopefully afterwards I can stop by and see you all. I just read all the comments from 2011! I'm not the most computer savvy! Going to try to make the game on Friday, right, Debbie?!

09/30/16 07:52 AM #30    

Marguerite Mahalek

Happy Reunion Weekend Fellow Blue Dukes!!!

Though I am unable to attend physically, please know that in spirit I am there with all of you!!! Have a Glorious time and as memories are relived and those who have left far too soon are remembered and toasted, you all are being held in my thoughts and Heart with great fondness and Love!!

Sending Love, Joy and Blessings to each and every one of you!!!


Marguerite L. Mahalek

(oh, and PLEASE, give my "regards" to our magnificent Lake, living in this dang desert of AZ REALLY makes one appreciate where we were Blessed to grow up!!)

10/04/16 02:02 PM #31    

Judith Weinshel (Blumenthal)

So who went to the Reunion? No Feedback or Pics? Judy Blumenthal



10/05/16 11:00 AM #32    

Richard Rubenstein

"Everybody" was there but you..... <------- just kidding.

I recall that late in the evening it "dawned" on those attending (about 30?) that there were no pictures taken.

So, a few were snapped at the end.

Presume they will be posted sooner than later.


Wish you well.

10/05/16 02:44 PM #33    

Debbie Harrington

The reunion was a blast.  The 35 or so attendees (and 8-10 spouses) all seemed to have a great time.  The tour of the old HS was fun; don't think I'd been in that building since 1971.

We missed all of you who didn't attend, so expect to see EVERYONE at the 50th.  (Yikes!  Are we really getting that old?)

Thanks to John Holmes (website and announcements), Joe Pereles (always the go-getter) and Mary Weir (taking reservations and working with the Sheraton) for putting this all together.  I'm sure there were others who helped, but these three were out front.


10/05/16 05:57 PM #34    

Judith Weinshel (Blumenthal)

Thanks for the updates Debbie and Richard. Will definitely try to make the 50th! 


10/05/16 09:40 PM #35    

Dan C. Zens

It was a small group 45-50 people but opportunity to have some really good conversations. No urgency to try and see everybody...thanks Mary, John and Joe. Looking forward for 50th at Joe Peerless new hotel on WI & Water St....should be something special!!!
Dan Zens

10/05/16 11:02 PM #36    

Judith Weinshel (Blumenthal)

So Mr. Zens- you decided to show up for the 45th! Where were you at the 40th? โ˜บ๏ธ

10/06/16 10:47 AM #37    

Dan C. Zens

Hi Judy,
I was at 40th....we talked for a while, it must of been all the cocktails
that made U forget or my our in depth conversation with U.ha ha ha.
See U at 50th.

10/06/16 11:00 AM #38    

Judith Weinshel (Blumenthal)

Dan, my memory is definitely failing me. ๐Ÿ˜Š I know there were definite people I wanted to see at the 45th and you were one of them. Take care and see you in 5!

10/06/16 12:56 PM #39    

Sally Wakefield (Wells)

My first reunion ever was a treat! Teaching has always made a fall trip from Washington to Wisconsin a conflict. Retirement is allowing me the luxury of spending a week in Wisconsin to visit family and reconnect with some outstanding WFB alums. Thanks for all the planning, good humor and conversations!

10/06/16 01:24 PM #40    

Candice Krill

I had a great time seeing everyone - but who thought 5 years would go so fast!!!

We will be at the 50th before we know it.

Take care everyone


10/06/16 01:25 PM #41    

Candice Krill

And many thanks to John, Joe, and Mary for all the planning.
I will gladly help with the 50th.

10/06/16 09:02 PM #42    

Ann Schelkun (Bines)

It was very much fun. Stayed up too late and was very thirsty the next day!!!  It was a great. Group, just the right size.   Got to talk to almost every one   And Judy I actually remember the conversations !  Missed you and Steve. But only 5 years till 50. Can't wait   Those  at holy family tour  had a great time remembering the torture by the nuns!!  Thanks to John. Mary and Joe

10/06/16 09:47 PM #43    

Mary Wedig

I was told that the 40th reunion was great so I'm super glad that I made it to the 45th because it was more fun than I would have ever imagined.  Gave me a chance to catch up with some friends and make some new ones, I hope.  Anyway I will be at the 50th for sure and would be happy to help with anything I could.  The U.P. isn't that far away.  Thanks to all those who made it the greatest weekend together.

10/06/16 09:55 PM #44    

Judith Weinshel (Blumenthal)

Ann- I love how you added that you remembered the conversations. Apparently, I did not remember talking to Dan Zens at our 40th๐Ÿ˜Š. That was also a late night but a lot of fun. 

10/07/16 10:58 AM #45    

Vicky Harian (Strella)

I really thought I was going to make this reunion, but travel for care of parents (mine and Paul's) made it not feasible.  Reading your notes, it sounds like a great time was had by all.  Put me down for 50th!  Best to everyone, Vicky

05/18/20 02:28 PM #46    

Barbara Knop (James)

I am seeing all of these comments about a 45th reunion and I dont remember hearing about it. But certainly looking forward to the 50th!

Barb (Knop) James


05/19/20 09:27 AM #47    

Richard Rubenstein

I thought you were at the 45th!


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