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05/04/11 05:14 PM #1    

John Holmes

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09/18/11 12:26 PM #2    

Gerald Moses

Wow! What a great night and weekend. Thank you all for making this a wonderful reunion. A special thanks to John H, Joe P, Mary R, and anyone else involved in putting this show together. I hope we can use the website in the future to keep in touch.


Please, anyone with photos, we would love to see and/or have copies of them. Especially ones of the different school groupings but any and all would be great. (It was hard to be everywhere last night and there were lots of memorable gatherings and photos taking place.)


All the best,


Jerry Moses

09/19/11 02:08 PM #3    

Steven Bines (Ann Bines)


To those I was able to spend Sunday with, My tight jeans fit fine although Ann said I should be wearing Ice Cream, not tight jeans. She is probable correct since Ice Cream will make my Esophagus feel better.

Anyone dating a reptile yet?

09/20/11 12:20 AM #4    

Dennis Samenfeld

It was nice seeing old classmates  how we all changed john. joe and mary did a great job getting it all together  the classmates who didnot come missed a geat time  the classmates who passed away will always be in are hearts  thanks again for a nice time dennis samenfeld

09/20/11 10:31 AM #5    

Debbie Harrington

Ditto.  What a great reunion, thanks to Joe, Mary and John, who really worked to pull this all together. 

Fun to reconnect, and to make new friends, as well!


Debbie Harrington

09/21/11 12:03 AM #6    

James Berrong

That was one of the best weekends I've had... one of my take-a-ways was what a genuinely nice group of people with whom I was surrounded.  Re-friending and making new friends... and closing down two bars. What a hoot!

And more kudo's to Joe, John, Mary, Debbie H, and all the others who pulled this together. I'll hold onto the beads until our next one.

As for our old-new highschool, that was over the top as well. And, now the Tower has my name!


Jim Berrong

09/21/11 08:42 AM #7    

Bruce Smith (Smith)

The WHOLE reunion (football game, WFBHS tour, and party) was a fantastic experience.  It was like a happy family reunion.  It will be in my memory forever!  

I posted a few pictures of the WFBHS tour on Saturday on my '71 webpage.  Hope to see a lot of pictures from others.

Best to all.






09/21/11 01:34 PM #8    

James Berrong

I tried to reach Todd Galanter via email and received the following reply from his secretary who said it was okay to share this... I thought you would want to know if you know Todd:

I am Todd's secretary, Tammi. Todd was not at the reunion this weekend. He has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is currently at St Luke's hospital. Hopefully, he will be sent home this week. Until he is, he can have visitors at the hospital.  Todd is not checking email yet. I'm not sure if there is wi-fi at the hospital.

But if you want to send a card:
Todd Galanter
2729 N Frederick Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

09/22/11 12:42 AM #9    

Sue Bass

Many thanks to the committee for putting together a terrific event and to those who attended.  It was a great weekend, lots of fun to reminisce and catch up.

Thanks, too, to those who arranged the tour of the high school.  Many changes in 40 years--taxpayer money well spent! 

Sue Bass

09/28/11 01:09 PM #10    

Bill Heilbronner

had a gas!!! let's not wait 10 years, let's do it in 5.

09/28/11 04:32 PM #11    

Bruce Smith (Smith)

 I agree will Billy Boy Heilbronner....

Let's all meet up in Alaska and stay with Jerry Moses!

09/29/11 05:16 PM #12    

Gerald Moses

Sweet! No traveling for me.


10/13/11 10:58 PM #13    

Mary Emerson (Avery)

I think we're more fun than we were in high school.  What do you think?  GO BREWERS!


10/14/11 11:16 AM #14    

Mary Kay Burbach (Fritts)

It is one month post reunion and I can say with deepest sincerity that it was a blast!!!

As many of us discussed, we were so blessed to have grown up in Whitefish Bay; to have had the opportunity to attend fabulous schools in a truly beautiful community...  As I grow older (perhaps I mean more well traveled...) and have lived in different areas of the USA, it becomes more and more evident that the quality of our lives and opportunities were excellent!  I praise those of you who had the foresight to stay and raise your own children in WFB and thank you for bringing those of us who wandered far from our roots back "home" again.  I would never trade the exciting options I chose and explored over the past 40 years, but do clearly understand and appreciate the incredible opportunites and foundation we were given.  I have thanked my family since the reunion and just want to thank each and every one of you who I was able to speak with and spend time with for reminding me how very fortunate I was and am. 

I look forward to our next gathering and hope to reconnect with many more friends - there just wasn't enough time to speak with everyone...

Mary Kay Burbach Fritts

01/25/12 10:50 PM #15    

Shelley Goetten (Rosiak-Neal)

I'm jumping in rather late but I wanted to express my thanks to everyone on the committee for the hard work and what I feel was a very successful reunion, well worth traveling across the country for.  Sorry I missed the Holy Family picture tho, so I think a do-over is necessary....  ok, maybe not but I loved seeing everyone. The school tour was such a wonderful walk down memory lane, I haven't had any dreams about not being able to get into my locker since it has apparently been moved elsewhere now from the first floor...sigh.  It's nice to be Facebook friends with many of you as well, I hope to hook up with more of you over time.  

03/08/12 06:20 PM #16    

Michael Pollack

Hey guys -- pick up a copy of this month's Milwaukee Magazine -- the one with WFBHS students on the cover! Why? Because WFB was rated the #1 high school in the area! (But we already knew that, didn't we?) if you don't live in the area, have someone pick up a copy and send it to you. Maybe I'll keep mine and bring it to the 45th reunion.

03/24/13 07:38 AM #17    

Holly Diesel (Heeter)

So when do we start working on the 45th? 

07/12/13 06:14 PM #18    

John Holmes

Ok, so I am a bit slow.  I never checked the message forum until today as I was hunting the IM link because I noticed Gerrry Moses was on the site and wanted to send him a note.  Haven't found it yet.

As for Holly's note re: the 45th reunion, we are definitely on for the 45th (2016) around the same time of the year per the survey responses we received regarding the time of year.  Planning will begin in earnest next year and all who want to volunteer, please do.

Meanwhile, one thing we can all do is commit to finding one or two lost classmates over the next year so that when we start the planning next year, we can contact as many classmates as possible.

Hope everyone is having a fun summer.

04/10/16 01:20 PM #19    

Dennis Samenfeld

Hi John I hope all is well I just read in the Milwaukee Journal that Clay Cushenbery passed away I don`t know of what , but can call is sister and find out  Dennis

08/15/16 10:49 AM #20    

Debbie Harrington

Hey, John and 45th Committee...

Is there a place where we can see/track who is coming to the 45th? 


08/15/16 12:56 PM #21    

John Holmes

Hi Debbie,

As a website administrator, I can run a report that shows who is coming so far.  But I don't see where you can find this info if you aren't a website administrator.  If you like, I can tell you who has signed up so far.  Let me know and see you in 6 weeks.


08/15/16 01:51 PM #22    

Judith Weinshel (Blumenthal)

John- maybe you can just post a list or is that too much of a hassle?


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